Sunday, May 21 2023

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One of the things I love about going back home to the UK - om nomming on the delicious noms.
UK cuisine is not easy to come by in Japan as it’s not really popular. In fact, many Japanese folks who I know that have visited the UK say that the food tastes terrible.

I love food in London because most of the diverse cultural cuisines keep their original flavors intact. In contrast, Japan tends to adapt foreign cuisines to suit local palates.

Take Chinese cuisine in Japan for example - known as Chuka Ryori (中華料理), Chinese food in Japan is completely localized to local tastes - it’s not that it tastes bad - it’s just not Chinese. There are a few places around Tokyo that do authentic Chinese food - but not that many.

Growing up in Hackney, Turkish cuisine made up a good part of my diet - which reflects what I eat each time I go back to the UK ;-)

Apart from nomming at my favorite restaurants (in particular Turkish restaurant Somine in Dalston), visiting Tesco and Sainsbury’s for groceries is always nostalgic - and a calculative experience as I try to figure out how much noms will fit in the suitcase :-)

I also love walking around London and stopping for a pastry and coffee.

Last photo is food haul.
Can’t wait to visit again later this year - as the haul has already depleted…

Oh, the Malaysian noms in the photos are from @medsalleh.kopitiam which will be the first place I try to setup a meet up for next time.

If you are local to the UK, what noms do you enjoy?

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