Thursday, May 18 2023

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Before the extended Japanese Golden Week holiday, I assigned some fun "homework" for those interested in participating in a post-holiday treasure hunt. This task included reading the "Call to Adventure" post on the Smart Doll website, among other activities.

This treasure hunt, which ultimately turned into a vampire hunt, granted some participants early access to Transcendence Tea. While we are still uncertain about when, we do plan to release her in the tea skin tone.

In the meantime, here she is, modeling the soon-to-be-released Solar Marine Badge, Cargo Capri Pants in Ash Blue, and Bio Mecha Boots 2 in Black Navy.
Stay tuned for future treasure hunts inspired by the "Call to Adventure" post.

And yes - anime version of Transcendence is being prototyped now - not a guarantee for release as we need to see how she turns out with our current sculpts.

I think that our Vampire perhaps needs a few mythical and supernatural creature buddies - Frankenstein inspired? Werewolf? Suggestions?

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