Saturday, May 13 2023

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

It’s been nearly a week since we left the UK. Got back to Tokyo somewhat disorientated, not only because of Jet lag, but also from missing the UK immensely. The 10 days in London was nowhere near enough to catch up on 4 years of absence due to the pandemic.

Before I moved to Japan over 20 years ago, I really wanted to get out of London - I felt it to be boring and gloomy compared to the place where I wanted to be the most - in the land of the rising sun. I was brought up in what was voted the worst place to live in Britain - Hackney.

Fast forward 20 years, and everything in London (including Hackney!) feels fresh and new while remaining nostalgic. As I walked the streets and visited the places that I used to frequent, the playback of my experiences would frequently bring tears to my eyes - especially when I stepped in fresh steaming poo.

I’m currently looking into options of returning to the UK later this year for an event - perhaps a popup shop somewhere in Notting Hill or the West End? I’m also considering participating in some of the pop culture events - recommendations?

I took a load of photos that I’ll share in the "Keep Calm and Travel with a Smart Doll" section on the Smart Doll site later.

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