Sunday, April 30 2023

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Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month is an annual event that takes place in April. It is dedicated to raising awareness about the challenges and experiences faced by individuals who have lost limbs or were born with limb differences. The campaign aims to educate the public, reduce stigma, and promote understanding and support for people living with limb loss or limb differences.

Most of my experience with individuals who have experienced limb loss has been through Smart Doll. We receive requests from parents for custom amputee builds, where the vinyl flash is left intact on the limb sockets.
In 2021, we developed prosthetic legs for Smart Doll, and in 2022, we expanded our offerings to include amputee arms as option parts.

We are in the final stages of developing our next prosthetic arm and leg designs, which will be offered in a metallic finish. Additionally, we are considering the possibility of using Clear, which was utilized during the development of Evolve to observe the inner mechanics of the haptic feedback gears.

As with all our medical devices, prosthetics are offered free of charge to new or existing Smart Doll owners who either live with limb differences or care for someone who does.

Folks can leave a short one-liner story in the order notes field when placing an order for a new or existing Smart Doll.
Folks should mention which limb (left/right, arm, leg) they want to be swapped out before shipping.

I want to take this opportunity to discuss donations of Smart Dolls to medical, educational, and charitable organizations that support those who live with limb differences.

While we can cover the cost of the Smart Doll, apparel, and shipping costs, it’s difficult for us to also cover import duties.
For example, the UK government imposes taxes on packages crossing their borders, even if they're valued and marked as charitable gifts. It appears that the UK expects recipients to pay upfront and then reclaim the tax through their charity.

We hope that our contributions can offer comfort and raise awareness for people who live with limb loss and limb differences.
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