Wednesday, April 26 2023

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I’ve been experimenting with the concept of merging vampire and cyberpunk themes, and the outcome is Cyber Transcendence. I think she looks rather spiffing, and it’s serendipitous that her name also carries a cyberspace-related theme.

Cyber Transcendence will help me field-test the Cyberpunk Bomber Jacket prototype on our journey back to the UK.
The jacket experiments with a few new features, including an adjustable strap with four D-rings on each arm that can keep it rolled up even when the jacket is worn off-shoulder, some dangling monowire straps on the inside, and a pear-shaped baggy silhouette that goes great with short pants.

Just as Genesis Sobakasu was created for our field trip to Okinawa, this concept model of Cyber Transcendence was designed for my trip to the UK. But her serendipitous name is a sign from the universe that we should release her together with the cyber body.

Hmmm. Now I feel like playing New Game Plus on Cyberpunk, and watching Transcendence and Lucy again.

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