Monday, April 24 2023

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As Japan prepares for the long “Golden Week” holidays, our team is taking extra days off to extend the holiday and allow for much-needed travel to visit family and friends. Some of us haven’t left Japan since 2019.

During this time, the Smart Doll website will be in “Holiday Mode,” meaning the order pipeline will temporarily close while our team takes a well-deserved break. Although we could keep the pipeline open for orders, we don’t want to hold onto customers’ money and make them wait longer than necessary. We anticipate reopening the order pipeline around May 12th.

In the meantime, you can still order Smart Doll products through our official retailers, @fabricfriendsdolls and @animesugoide.
Be wary of scammers offering brand-new Smart Dolls for as low as 99 USD.

While you won’t be able to place orders directly with us during the break, you can still browse the Smart Doll website and engage in various activities. We’re even planning a special drop based on answers found in the following activities:

* Explore the “Call To Adventure” article, the latest update on the Smart Doll journey. Can you identify the framework used to construct the page?
* Save money by reading the “Before You Buy” article, which discusses reasons to consider brands other than Smart Doll.
* Use the Evolve feedback form for a chance to win goodies.
* Vote for your favorite creator to give them the recognition and support they deserve.
* Download our free apparel and 3D STL files to start creating or learning new skills.
* Visit the News section for Instagram updates and quick access to information sorted by month/year.
* Browse the behind-the-scenes Timeline section for photos by the team, as well as other goodies.
* Keep up with other Smart Doll news by following @my_lady_disdain YouTube channel.

Links to the above resources are on the Smart Doll site.

I’m heading home to the UK and will be sharing random updates as I travel.
I leave you with studio photos and Transcendence who I plan to take with me.

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