Sunday, April 23 2023

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Smart Doll serves as a creative platform for not only my team and me but also for the numerous creators who choose Smart Doll as their canvas to express their ideas, beliefs, and creativity. We are strong believers in the power of creativity and self-expression, and in support of that, we provide Smart Doll owners with free access to our apparel patterns and 3D STL files. These resources enable owners to learn, create, and even monetize their work if they wish.

Contrary to the misconception that we discourage Smart Doll modifications, we actually celebrate and showcase the work of creators who customize their Smart Dolls. Last year, I initiated a nomination process through which fans could recommend their favorite creators to be featured on the Smart Doll website, giving them the recognition they deserve.

As a result, a new “Smart Doll Creators” category has been introduced on our website. It currently showcases the work of 12 creators, with plans to feature more in the future. To express my gratitude to these creators, I have sent or will be sending them a Smart Doll of their choice to further support their creative endeavors.

If you want to vote for your favorite creator, simply fill in the form linked from the creators’ page - you can vote for as many creators as you like. While I do have personal favorites, I avoid handpicking individuals to prevent the appearance of favoritism or unfairness. This fan-driven system works well, especially since social media algorithms often favor those with larger followings, making it difficult for some creators to appear in search results.

If you’re a creator looking to be featured, feel free to encourage your fans to vote for you. If you are a creator starting out with Smart Doll, leave a comment so that folks can discover your work. If you don’t see your fave creator yet - vote for them!

Congrats to the first 12 creators who are @my_lady_disdain @jerryocostureiro @micky_583 @maruko_halu @xfeuerlandx @mirai_barcelona @leisureofdolls @mdk_dolls @daydreaming_bee @enchanterium @FamilyVanz and @mikela_frost - these photos are a selection of their work.
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