Wednesday, April 19 2023

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I discussed this recently, but I felt it deserved a dedicated post.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is frequently fueled by social media influence, causing many to crave what others possess. When they can’t acquire specific products, they blame us for not having enough staff to meet demand. This highlights the paradoxical nature of consumer behavior, where the concept of inclusivity is celebrated but not consistently supported in practice - we have 20 Frontline Smart Dolls who are constantly available.

Moreover, some customers think we deliberately impose limitations to boost profits through scarcity. In truth, maximizing profits would mean overworking employees to cater to the demands of these same consumers.

Unlike many companies that simply focus on making a sale, we prefer our Smart Dolls to go to owners who genuinely want them rather than those who give in to the pressure from others or social media trends.

Resist succumbing to FOMO, as ultimately, it leads to dissatisfaction for you, the person who genuinely desired the product, and us as well.

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