Saturday, April 1 2023

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We have spent the last 8 years creating stands that allow Smart Dolls to be displayed for extended periods without requiring supervision.

We have experimented with different materials for the base, including acrylic, brass, and tin alloy, and we have also released two tripod versions. However, we recognized the need for a stand that was even more versatile and adaptable to a range of situations.

And so, we are excited to introduce the Monopod Stand Adapter, which we will refer to as the “monopod.”

The monopod features a telescopic rod that has been designed to withstand the weight of a floating Smart Doll. At the top of the monopod is a swivel attachment that can be tightened with a screw, providing added stability to your Smart Doll.

The bottom of the monopod is equipped with a 1/4 inch screw thread that can be attached to a variety of mounts, enabling you to use the monopod in a range of different settings.

The photos showcase a few examples of mounts that can be used with the monopod, which we sourced from Amazon.

For instance, a Gorillapod can be used for street or nature photography, allowing you to secure your Smart Doll on a tree branch, lamppost, or even on the arm of a stranger walking by.
Meanwhile, a clip is useful for displaying your Smart Doll on the edge of your table or on the ear of your visiting friend, adding an extra layer of creativity to your display options.

The beauty of the monopod lies in its flexibility - you can choose your own base from a wide selection to tailor your Smart Doll display to fit your creative space. Instead of settling for a design that we choose for you, you have the freedom to create a display that reflects your unique style and personality.

However, we want to clarify that the monopod is only the telescopic rod with the swivel attachment. You will have to source the base or clip yourself that has the international 1/4 inch standard screw used by most camera mounts. Luckily, there are even 1/4 inch GoPro adapters available for those who want to take their Smart Doll skydiving or on other daring adventures.
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