Friday, March 31 2023

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“Sitting on knees”, also known as Seiza in Japanese, has been a highly sought after feature for Smart Doll. However, based on observations of other products that feature double-jointed knees, and custom kits that make the knees resemble open crocodile jaws, I was not willing to compromise on the aesthetics of Smart Doll by incorporating such design decisions.

After reviewing customer feedback for the new Evolve frame, it became clear that there was still strong demand for a seiza pose. Although initially hesitant, two factors motivated me to attempt designing the feature. The first was my personal need to travel with a smaller bag (with knees being able to fold behind the body), and the second was the modularity of the new Evolve frame, which made it easier to modify the injection molds.
Additionally, the use of various instruments, such as durometers and digital force gauges, during development allows us to quantify values such as force and material flexibility, which aided in the design process.

Soft vinyl (same thickness and softness as the bust) is used for the torso, thighs, and shins to maintain the form of the knee even at maximum seiza. The soft vinyl torso also means a Smart Doll can sit and hold knees close to their body.

While not a perfect seiza, this is still the first prototype. I anticipate it will take at least 8 months to improve the design and test structures to ensure they absorb the same amount of stress as the current version.

The photos also show the gray prototype frame folded into a fetal Battle Droid position (improved inventory management/storage) and the in-progress peach-bottom torso which has a more defined shape.

As its name suggests, Evolve will continue to improve in design as new technology becomes available. The next thing I want to attempt is to design a way for our girls to fold their arms ;-)
We are also working on a plus-sized pear body, but are there any other features you would like Smart Doll to have?

As for the name of this feature - “Seiza” or perhaps, “Bees Knees” - because in my eyes, that’s what Smart Doll is ;-)

More product announcements later today ;-)
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