Sunday, March 26 2023

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

It’s been a few years since we made the last Smart Doll owner selfie collage, so it’s time for an update - and it’s looking great so far!
If you want to be a part of the collage, send in your selfie to our support email address - it’s the one we use to contact you regarding shipping and wot not.
It’s generally a good idea to choose your fave smartie because if you have many in your selfie, they all end up looking like pixies due to the limited real estate.
Taking a selfie with your smartie close to your face means that you both get the maximum optimization of your square ;-)

The larger updated version will go on the Smart Doll Hero page. No deadline for submissions, but I will render the collage when I have enough squares to fill in. You can send in the same photo you used last time if you want.

It’s great to see Smart Doll owners - the photos have been helpful in recognizing you when we visit conventions outside of Japan. Speaking of which, now that most borders are open for travel, we are looking into where we should be heading to for either attending a con - or starting Smart Doll Con ;-) Recommendations welcome.

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