Friday, March 24 2023

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Out n about with Smart Doll Imagine around Atami - a city located on the eastern coast of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It is known for its hot springs (onsen) and scenic views of Mount Fuji and the Suruga Bay.

Atami has been a popular destination for tourists for centuries as a hot spring resort town. Many of its ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) have been in operation for over a hundred years.

Imagine was released yesterday, together with her back story. She is a fave of mine and represents one of the reasons why Smart Doll exists today. Imagine will be back soon - but for now, here is the story of Imagine.

I’m a word that holds immense power,
Yet no weight or mass to devour.

I can bring to life what’s not yet real,
And make the impossible seem ideal.

I can take you to places far and wide,
Show you worlds that exist inside.

I’m used by dreamers, artists, and poets too,
To create new things that are fresh and true.

Imagine is a reminder of the boundless potential of human imagination. She represents the incredible power that resides within us all to create, innovate, and bring new things into existence. By bringing to life what does not yet exist, Imagine shows us that the impossible is not always unattainable and that the limits of what we can achieve are only constrained by the scope of our own imaginations.

Moreover, Imagine reminds us that imagination is not merely a whimsical pursuit but rather a valuable tool that can be used to explore new ideas, overcome obstacles, and create a future that does not yet exist. Through the power of our imaginations, we can attract the possibilities and opportunities we desire, bringing them into our lives and making them a reality.

So, whenever you feel trapped in a rut or pondering your next career or business move, take a moment to sit back, gaze at the clouds, and let your imagination run free. Remember the power of Imagine and the vast potential of your own imagination to create the future that you desire. With Imagine, anything is possible.

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