Thursday, March 23 2023

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A few updates from Smart Doll Land in no particular order ;-)

I uploaded some free Smart Doll apparel patterns to the usual “free stuff” section for the Tube Skirt, Women’s Suit, and Capri Pants that some of you requested. Why buy our stuff when you can make and sell your own?! Any more requests? I’m in the middle of digitizing the Solar Marine uniforms that some of you requested.
If you are a seamstress accepting commissions to make apparel with our patterns, leave a comment so folks can find you.

The free STL data for the Adventurer Bust is also available - it didn’t make the cut so it’s yours. We may revisit this in the future, but the top priority is the pear-shaped plus-sized body.

Do not send the data for printing expecting it to be in the size you require - you need to spend effort in figuring out print sizes - some of the data is for prototypes, so they may be tiny/huge and require modding. Output will still vary based on your printer settings and filament/resin shrinkage sizes.
If you are unsure, seek some of the 3D engineers in the community like @mikela_frost and @Ardichan_smd who offer commissioned services for data modding and printing.
The gray Evolve frame is nearly ready and will be on the latest version which has tweaks based on the feedback form. The minor changes will be outlined in the changelog.
The Cybershell bodies have been challenging when it comes to production. As always, it’s easy to make a couple - but not so easy to get consistent results when you need to make hundreds. We hope to have a batch in April/May, but releases won’t be as often due to the resources needed to paint them. Even with paint masks, paint tends to blur depending on the individually cast vinyl component shape - ending up with rejects that go to the chaos outlet.
The Mecha Gauntlet can be converted into Mecha Boots it seems! Discovered with some serendipity, they look pretty decent when coupled with the Bio Mecha Boots - I’ll give you details on how to mod when released.
We have been able to awaken more girls from cryosleep - announcements are made on the @smartdollland account (link in bio).

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