Monday, March 20 2023

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While the majority of Smart Doll orders are from the US, that’s not to say we don’t get orders from elsewhere - as you can see from the maps - we indeed do ;-)

Apart from our dealers Fabric Friends in the US and Anime Sugoi in Germany, after making the Smart Dolls, we ship directly to customers from our Tokyo studio via courier. Because of this, we have a good understanding of where our customers reside.

As with yesterday’s maps of the US, red dots represents where orders are being placed. When generating the maps, we don’t use house or apartment numbers as a security failsafe, so what you are seeing cannot be used to pinpoint anybody - unless a person in a remote area makes it known where they are. I also ensured that maps were not zoomed in enough to identify anybody (people asked so yeah).

As mentioned yesterday, when vetting first-timer orders, we discover other Smart Doll owners living in the same street or apartment, and it looks like from your comments, you would like to meet other owners near you.

If you are wondering where are all the owners living near you - not all of them share on social media.

But for those interested in meeting others nearby without having to wave your Smart Doll around, maybe we should have some secret Mission Impossible lingo or a Fireflies emblem - although it may make our dedicated hater cult groups a bit jealous that they only get measly boycott images to play with.

A few moons ago, I made some metal pin badges for humans with the CJ logo - discreet and does not scream “Smart Doll owner” and looked pretty decent - folks who knew what it was knew. Lemme look into production.

As for secret society lingo - well, we have some already - Bewbians, Grop, Dollop. Groot gets by with just three words, so I think this should be enough.

For example, when you are at In-N-Out Burger, you can say “Bewbians Grop Dollop” instead of “Double-double and fries, please.”

Or if you are at Trader Joe’s, you can use the same phrase to ask, “Which aisle can I find Everything But The Bagel?”

Next, I’ll post the maps for Mars, Saturn, Coruscant, Cybertron, Tatooine, Dagobah, Hoth, and Thundera.
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