Friday, March 10 2023

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Out n about with Never Say Never for noms around Ebara Machi. There is a great Turkish restaurant called DeDe which we frequent often.

Never Say Never was released yesterday morning but initial batches sold out. She is a fave of mine so I plan to keep her around for a while - so much so that I rewrote her description ;-)

I am a phrase that’s wise and true,
A reminder of what we can pursue.
My words are simple, but they hold might,
A lesson that can lead us to new heights.

Some may think they know what’s best,
And cling to what they once professed.
But life is a journey that’s full of surprise,
And sometimes, it’s the “no” that can truly improvise.

For what we thought was impossible to bear,
May end up being the path to somewhere fair.
So always keep an open mind,
And let the unknown be your find.

Never Say Never reminds us to keep an open mind and be willing to embrace new experiences. The things we once said “no” to could end up changing our lives in ways we never imagined. By remaining open to new possibilities, we can discover new paths and grow in ways we never thought possible.

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