Thursday, March 2 2023

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As some of you already know, Future is the semi-real version of Mirai - so they both get to celebrate their birthday today in Japan (March 3rd).

"With Smart Doll, the future is in your hands" is a slogan in Smart Doll Land that is also printed on the default sports bra set.

Mirai (pronounced mee-rai) means "Future" in Japanese. When I launched Smart Doll in 2014, there was only Mirai, so folks who picked up a Smart Doll were literally holding the future (Mirai) in their hands.

But there is another meaning to this slogan. From the beginning, Smart Doll has been a platform for us to experiment with new ideas that would eventually benefit our product line in the future.

The latest advancement is the new Smart Doll skeletal frame, which features an auditory and haptic sensory experience. That frame is known as Evolve and launches today. Future is also released today in all 3 human skin tones.

Folks who decide to buy the new Smart Doll can experience the evolution and a glimpse into the future of articulated fashion doll design that we will continue to build upon.

However! Smart Dolls are not designed to be everything to everybody. To avoid the risk of ending up with buyer's remorse and a pricey paperweight, I strongly recommend reading the "What is Evolve" article or perhaps wait to hear the yays and nays from early adopters ;-)

If you plan to make a “Smart Doll Evolve vs another-brand” video or post (they usually get the most views if you do it early), even if you think Evolve is the bees knees (like I do), ensure to let folks know the cons of choosing Smart Doll.

See you in the future ;-)

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And before I forget - this morning’s release will be delayed by a wee bit. Shipping may take longer than usual but still within the promised 15 days to ship out.

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