Thursday, March 2 2023

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From tomorrow 9AM-ish JST, all frontline Smart Dolls will be shipped housing the new Evolve skeletal frame.

A post on the top page of the Smart Doll online store “Box Contents & Upon Arrival” outlines what you should expect in the box and the main things you should note when handling your Evolve Smart Doll.

Note that the sports bra, support stand, and head cap included with your Smart Doll will be randomly selected in color - we don’t offer options for you to choose from. We will use up the remaining human tone head caps for orders before transitioning to a random color cyborg head cap which has slightly improved grip for the wigs.

Body parts are designed to be more difficult to remove, minimizing the risk of them falling off when traveling. In general, the ninjutsu skill of WPP (Wriggle back n forth while Pushing or Pulling) will minimize human stress when removing or attaching limbs.

Smart Doll can now better perform the “Confused Smart Doll” pose due to the slightly wider range of motion for the neck base. This pose can be used to check whether the head is attached properly - there should be no visible gap between the neck and head. Always hold the base of the neck with one hand while attaching the head.

Arms need to be reset after you pose them touching their shoulders.

Instead of overselling and making customers wait for eons while we assemble, which would place undue stress on the team, I’ve decided to let items sell out and make them available again when ready.

Evolve provides an auditory and haptic feedback experience in posing and articulation that is new to most folks for a fashion doll of this scale. I anticipate this new experience will reduce Smart Doll demand, which is great news!

We’re a small team and don’t want to bite off more than we can chew. Because of the handmade nature of our products, we can only produce a limited number of Smart Dolls each month. Therefore, less demand will allow us to continue striking a balance between work and play.

Here is to the future ;-)
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