Friday, February 24 2023

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The Evolve skeletal frame is the latest advancement for Smart Doll that improves the body's durability, aesthetic appearance, and posing abilities through a series of gears that create an auditory and haptic sensory experience.

This improvement not only enhances the overall experience of Smart Dolls but also benefits creators such as photographers, artists, apparel and accessory designers, videographers, stop-motion animators, and individuals who enjoy traveling with their Smart Dolls, like myself ;-)

However, Smart Doll was not designed for everybody in mind. I published an extensive "before you buy" post on the Smart Doll online store that I ask folks to read before making a purchase decision - hopefully, it will help avoid buyer's remorse.
Some of these photos are from the post - the body comparisons show Evolve in Cocoa and the previous frame in Tea. The post also outlines the release timeframe.

Folks anticipating greater articulation in Smart Doll will be disappointed as the product prioritizes a balance between articulation, durability, ease of posing, and aesthetics. Other brands that specifically emphasize articulation may provide a wider range of motion.
Evolve was not created to revolutionize articulation capabilities but rather to address areas for improvement in the previous design.

Personally, I think that Smart Doll is the bee's knees and the best thing since sliced Bantha Poodoo - but that's just me because Smart Doll has always been built to my requirements.

However, not everybody has my requirements meaning that Smart Doll may not be your best choice when deciding on a fashion doll.
If you do plan on getting a Smart Doll, keep your expectations super low, as you are likely to be disappointed - unless you and I have the same taste for design and quality ;-)

But do me a favor - If you do end up liking Evolve - don't tell folks how awesome it is - instead, remind them why they would want to avoid it ;-)

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