Friday, February 10 2023

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Updates! Gray Zombie with darker lips (as you didn't like the bright-red-lips-after-a-cuppa-brain-chowder), Prowess, Vision, and Courage. The initial batches of gray will come with the current Gen 2 frame.

Lavender Bio Mecha Boots and Combat Gloves.

February will be a relatively slow month for releases as we focus on the injection molding and assembly of the 5th Gen Evolve frame.

While the design of the frame has been optimized as much as possible, the assembly still requires a human to hand-make and tune each frame - like tuning a violin (kinda).

Even though frame components are injection molded, the geometric dimensions vary ever so slightly, so to balance the haptic feedback, articulation, posture strength, and sound level of the clicks, we created oversized springboard structures that we tune down to fit each gear - if you pull out the joints, they may look worn-in but are actually tuned down to fit their injection molded counterpart. We do similar tuning for the current Gen 2 frame, which is why joint pegs look sanded down.

Hold off from buying a Smart Doll if Evolve sounds like something that may tickle your fancy. If not, get a current Smart Doll or another brand that uses the conventional clamping force frame design.

As the name suggests, the Evolve design will continue to improve based on learnings of the previous version. If you get the first release, the subsequent Smart Doll you get may already have evolved in design. I will publish a change log to keep track of what's new.

While most manufacturers usually tell you that their new product is the bee's knees - I recommend keeping your expectations rock bottom - Evolve is a completely new concept for a vinyl doll, and I think many of you will hate it - which is why I can't wait to release it - I love making stuff folks don't want ;-)

All Smart Doll headcaps will soon be unified to be Cyborg Orange which has a slightly better grip for the wigs. Some folks will hate this, which will hopefully further reduce sales ;-)
Support stands will also be the orange Clickety Click version by default.

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