Tuesday, February 7 2023

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Are you #TeamAnime or #TeamSemiReal? If you prefer the anime aesthetic, would these semi-real anime-style eyes tickle your fancy?
Or does the nose-breathing aspect of a semi-real still put you off?

I used to prefer the anime aesthetic (because that's all we made up until 2019), but I lean toward the semi-real style these days.

That's not to say there won't be more anime styles as you have seen over the past few days - and yes - there are new anime sculpts and characters in the works - some of which you may have seen as 3D prints in the Timeline section on the Smart Doll online store.

I've read how some folks think anime characters look like bugs (understandable) - I've also seen how some dislike the semi-real style because it reminds them too much of...humans (also understandable ;-).

If you are in either camp, what aspect puts you off the opposite style and why?
I've seen folks who preferred the anime aesthetic go on to buy a semi-real, but I have yet to see folks going the other way - or am I not looking hard enough?

If you are #TeamAnime, is there an anime-style character that you would consider as a semi-real? Same question to folks who prefer the semi-real aesthetic.

The most recent semi-real to anime conversion was North (Relentless), which worked out quite well and became one of our most popular anime styles.

Oh - we have already electroplated the paint masks for a semi-real Oceana - we just need to do the usual etching/soldering tweaks.

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