Monday, February 6 2023

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We currently have 15 head molds in circulation - G07, Kanata, COS, G04, M01, Hikari 2, Yuri 6, Yuri 2, Yuri Moto, Hikari Moto, Mirai, V01, G03, G05, and Cheese.
As mentioned in the previous post, we have way too many molds which is becoming a challenge to handle.

Yuri 6 and Yuri 2 are production molds made from the Yuri Moto master - while they may all look the same, the slight differences in shape caused by the electroplating process mean that the paint masks for Yuri 6 won't fit on Yuri 2.

We made multiple Yuri molds because we would have a backup if something happened to one mold. But in hindsight, all 3 Yuri molds are not backups of each other because of the slight difference in shape - they look the same to the human eye, but the nanoscale differences make them different products - we learned this the hard way.

Apart from character blending, we are revamping some characters and moving them to molds with more characters. For example, We are deprecating Hikari Moto (Summer, Haruka) and moving them as a blended character to Hikari 2 - nice work to those who guessed correctly yesterday ;-) So that character needs a name - how about "Summertime Haruka" ?

As for today's lady - can you guess who she is? Her current version lives on the Yuri 6 mold and is moving to the COS mold.

She's wearing a prototype of a blouse that we don't have a name for yet - any suggestions?

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