Sunday, January 15 2023

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Introducing the Heavy Loader Gauntlets for Smart Doll - the name may change upon release though ;-)
Still in the prototyping phase, we need to work out a few things in terms of usability and production - how is it going to stay on the arms, how will the flash be cut etc.

We can't do intricate moving parts as this will be made from soft vinyl - so the fingers and cannon bay are not articulate.
We are planning two types of the gauntlet part - one with the cannon open and one closed.
Then there will be multiple hand parts such as fist, relaxed and so on - these rotate around the gauntlet wrist and can be removed to be swapped out for other hand gestures.

The 3D model is rigged to be articulate, and perhaps sometime in the future, we may make an articulate hand when we figure out how to make it durable enough - but for now - vinyl it is ;-)

As always, the team will need at least half a year to work on R&D, molds, and production.

Designed and modeled by our Stella, the gauntlets are created in @adskfusion360 and 3D printed on the @elegoo Saturn 2 with @resione "K" resin which is great for checking out parts that need to fit together.

Hmmm. Maybe we need some heavy loader boots too...
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