Wednesday, December 28 2022

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I first encountered the panel-line aesthetic in the 1995 anime "Ghost in the Shell" - it's a particularly memorable movie for me as it was when I began to learn the Japanese language.

Panel-lining on humanoids can be seen in much anime of the cyberpunk genre, but of late, I've been seeing it every day in Night City playing Cyberpunk 2077 ;-)

And now we have Smart Doll Cyber Shell where the panel lines complement and enhance the ball joint aesthetic.

Electroplating is used for various purposes, including protecting metal surfaces from corrosion and improving an object's appearance.
We use the electroplating process to create the paint masks for the cyber shell panel lines.

Electroplating is a process that uses electricity to coat an object with a thin layer of metal. It's like painting, but metal covers the object's surface instead of paint.

Electroplating involves setting up an electroplating bath. This container is filled with a special solution with tiny particles of the metal we want to use for coating. We also need two electrodes, or metal wires, that we can use to carry electricity into the solution.

Next, we attach one of the electrodes to the object we want to coat (usually a vinyl or 3D-printed master) and the other electrode to a source of electricity. When we turn on the electricity, it causes a chemical reaction in the solution that makes the metal particles stick to the object's surface. As the electricity flows through the solution and into the object, it causes the metal particles to build up and form a thin layer of metal on the surface.

The thickness of the metal layer can be controlled by adjusting the amount of time the object is left in the bath and the strength of the electric current.

A full-body cyber shell is a catch-22 process to paint - we need to pre-heat the vinyl parts or the masks don't fit properly - but when the vinyl is squishy, edges blur easily during painting, meaning that we need to start again - and each part has several masks...

We just got the masks and are experimenting with ways to optimize the painting process - I guestimate a Q2-ish launch next year.
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