Tuesday, January 3 2023

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Ginza is a district in Tokyo known for its swanky shopping and dining experiences. It's located in Chuo Ward where land prices are the highest in Tokyo - 143,300,000 JPY (1,101,260 USD per square meter!)

On a Sunday, the main street is pedestrianized for folks to stroll around, minimizing the risk of being run over. Streets that become pedestrianized for a limited time for shoppers are called Hokousha-Tengoku (歩行者天国), which is literally translated as "pedestrian heaven" - the most notable ones in Tokyo are the ones in Ginza and Akihabara.

By the time we got to Ginza, Hokosha-Tengoku had finished, so pedestrians continued to navigate around for bargains on the pavements.
Here are some snaps taken while out n about with Fortitude.

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