Sunday, January 1 2023

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From the team at Smart Doll Land - Happy New (rabbit) Year!

Japan observes the Chinese zodiac, so it's the year of the rabbit for 2023 - it looks like Mirai found an old prototype garment to celebrate.

2022 certainly flew by in a blink of an eye.
They say that time passes quicker the older you get - probably because we perceive time relative to how long we have been alive.

A ten year old will experience a year as 1/10th of their life (a year feels longer), while somebody at the age of fifty will experience a year as a fleeting 1/50th of their life.

My memories of this time last year are crystal clear, further exacerbating the reality of how time for me will continue to pass more quickly.

I wanted to mention this as food for thought for those making new year's resolutions, as there is an unlimited amount of things in this world one could give a sheep about - but only a finite amount of time that should be spent on the life-changing stuff instead ;-)

However, I've always said that new year's resolutions are an excuse to put something off for another year. If you want to do something, do it as soon as you can, and don't wait for the end of the year to start.

Product-wise, I'd say it has been a quiet year for Smart Doll, as our focus in 2022 was on research and development rather than sales.

The development I'm talking about is Evolve - the next-generation frame for Smart Doll, which will (in my eyes) improve the durability, aesthetics, and posing, which in turn will enhance the experience for creators such as photographers, artists, apparel/accessory designers, videographers - and for folks who like to travel with their Smart Doll like me ;-)

Here are just some things that will happen in 2023.

-Evolve release.
-Galactic Gray.
-Cyber Shell.
-Multiverse Metallic.
-Code Geass C.C. & Naruto release.
-Return of Smart Doll boys.
-All Smart Dolls will be shipped with the black cyborg head cap and the Clickety Click Stand.
-Smart Doll Plus frame redesign.
-Participate in cons in the US again ;-)

I look forward to sharing our 2023 with you :-)

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