Thursday, November 24 2022

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It's Black Friday soon - meaning there's no better time for more reasons why you should not buy a Smart Doll ;-)

Many folks feel it unethical to contact the customer to confirm their order details, while other companies would simply ship the order. If all I cared about was money, I wouldn't care where our products ended up - I would fulfill orders, no questions asked.

But I do care. I know better than anyone the time, love, and energy my team puts into the product, and I want to make sure our Smart Dolls go to a good home and get there safely.

For this reason, we vet every newbie order to ensure that the new owner doesn't end up with buyer's remorse - we are not interested in banking money that will end up with a neglected Smart Doll in a cupboard - because they start screaming.

We want to ensure we have enough info for the package to reach the destination safely - many folks have typos in their mailing address, leading to missing packages. Typos in emails mean that the customer can't reply to DHL or FedEx to pay import taxes - leading to packages being returned to us. Customers in the US do not pay import taxes, but we still need to be able to contact them.

We reconfirm that folks are fine with the handmade nature of our product (some folks say "no - send me a perfect one") and if they are OK with paying import taxes - many of them are not and ask for a cancelation - this is great because we have avoided yet another return package after they refuse to pay the taxes.

The final reason for vetting is fraud. We ask questions about the order (how folks discovered us and why they decided to invest) which bots or fraudsters can't answer in a convincing comprehensible manner.

For the above reasons, we cancel orders with no replies, so check your spam folders for the follow-up mail. We also cancel orders for cases such as the following.

The second photo shows how some customers react to being contacted to confirm their details. If anybody should speak to my team in such a manner, I show them the door.

If you share the same mindset as the aforementioned customer, then Smart Doll is certainly not your best choice.
Happy Black Friday ;-)
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