Friday, November 18 2022

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"Be Moved" by the Haptic Feedback Joints in Evolve. Coming to Smart Doll Land soon ;-)

The second photo shows the Evolve frame shin peg (which has a Haptic Feedback Grid) withstanding over 400 Newtons (40Kgs) of force during one of the tests that we perform on each component.

Evolve has many triangular and filleted structures that create geometric robustness in absorbing stress, such as axial, torsional, bending, and shear - all of which are tested using force gauges.

While Evolve is not designed to be indestructible like a Terminator (oh wait), we expect components to withstand a certain amount of force - especially because children make up such a large portion of our customer base.

Evolve is made from POM (Polyoxymethylene) - a thermoplastic used in industrial applications due to its high stiffness and dimensional stability. Typical applications are casing for ball bearings and gears used in automotive and consumer electronics - meaning that the durability of components is essential for consumer safety.

Evolve is actually the 5th generation frame. We made molds for the 3rd and 4th Gen frames, but the experience wasn't optimal, so I never released them.
The main target for Smart Doll is me - and just like all humans - I'm selfish and want the best for myself, which is why I invested cash making 3 (!) whole generations of injection molds to create Evolve - I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry ;-)

I've been field-testing Evolve since the beginning of this year - if you scrutinize some of my travel photos, you may notice that the elbows look slightly different. Evolve is a joy to pose, making trips with Smart Doll in the great outdoors a refreshing new experience.

But even if I think Evolve is the best thing since sliced Bantha Poodoo, I would never tell you that our product is superior to other manufacturers - because every consumer has different needs.

Folks concerned about the Haptic Feedback Joint durability or user experience are recommended to consider other brands that adopt conventional joint designs - because from here on - Smart Doll will continue to Evolve.

Smart Doll - Be Moved ;-)
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