Wednesday, November 9 2022

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Located in the Nagano prefecture, Komagane City (駒ヶ根市) is home to Senjojiki Cirque which we looked at in the previous post.
The high elevation of Senjojiki (2612 meters) meant that the autumn leaves were pretty much over and done with up there, but down on ground level in Komagane City (676 meters), autumn leaves were plentiful.

I know many folks come to Japan to see cherry blossoms (sakura/hanami), but the koyo (紅葉) season (meaning autumn leaves) is also a great time to visit.

It was fairly chilly at this time of year, so you would need a warm sweater and a windbreaker at least. If you are going to climb up Senjojiki Cirque, you will need gloves, a beanie, and ideally some traction cleats for your shoes. Only go in high heels if your name is Bayonetta.

These photos were taken with North around Komagane near our hotel.

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