Tuesday, November 1 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Do you have an issue with male visitors peeing on your floor for you to wipe?

Perhaps this notice may come in handy so that you don't need to say "sit to pee or tie a knot in it until you leave." This high res image is available in the Free Stuff section on the Smart Doll online store. You can change the language to be as harsh as you want. I probably should print this slightly larger for our guests.

Even if you think you are a good aim like Snake from Metal Gear Solid - pee splashes onto the walls and floor. Do a YouTube search for keywords such as "pee splash toilet UV light" to see how much of your DNA you leave on the floor and walls. If you keep doing it, somebody is going to make a clone of you from your DNA.

Actually, given the context, Snake may not be a great example. Greedo is probably a better example - he missed and got shot for missing ;-)

So if you are visiting our new place - don't risk getting shot in the knee - sit to pee y'all.

And just in case you were wondering what the remote on the wall by the toilet is for - most Japanese toilets come with a washlet built-in - super handy to blast away undigested corn and clean up after a night of spicy food.

There are even toilets that play sounds of a waterfall to hide the splashing sound of touchdown. It's supposed to alleviate the "embarrassment" of the sounds of poo and pee. Many public toilets have them fitted and you can't even turn the sounds off, which ends up being more embarrassing - it’s like broadcasting "Come listen to me having a poooo!"

Although I guess I prefer the waterfall sounds than the huge gaps in American public toilets which is like sharing your pooing experience with the world - "Hey come and watch me poo!"

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