Monday, October 31 2022

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Smart Doll owners automatically gain a free license to modify and monetize from our free apparel patterns and 3D files which now include boot patterns - head to the "Free Stuff" section on our online store. Why buy our stuff when you can make your own :-)

With a background in making shoes (my father has made a pair or two), we make Smart Doll shoes as miniature human shoes, which include miniature components such as stiffeners and toe puff.

However, I simplified the free version of the boot patterns so that folks with experience making Smart Doll garments could understand them - no prior shoe-making experience is needed. However, you still need to have DIY mana and learn a few terms.

"Last" refers to the mold that looks like a shoe.

"Upper" refers to the fabric part of the shoe that covers the foot. We use leather, but you can try other fabrics. If you are using leather, you need to skive the thickness, and if you are trying cotton, you need to iron on a backer.

"Sole" can refer to the bottom of the shoe (the rubbery part that has the heel) but can also be used to describe the part that the Upper is stuck to - it looks like a footprint without the toes.

The 3D data for the Last and Sole is available for free download. However, unless you use a rubbery resin or PLA, you may find that the sole may not curve enough to be stuck on effectively.

Also available for purchase are the Rubber Soles (Mirai 002) - you won't be able to download these physical products until we fix the Transporter platform on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D).

Folks who don't have access to a 3D printer may want to use the rubber soles, and perhaps use putty/clay to pad a spare Smart Doll foot as a substitute for the Last - not ideal, but better than nothing.

Smart Doll Plus owners can try scaling up the size of the patterns and 3D data to make shoes for their big girls.

Please read the blurb associated with the pattern/files before downloading.
As with any handmaking craft - please wear protective gear, especially for your eyes.
Go forth, learn, create and perhaps monetize. Don't rely on one source of income.

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