Thursday, September 22 2022

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If you like the cyberpunk genre, the Cyborg Torso could be the ideal item for an option head - display it on your desk to charge your devices - or hang it from a wall or your shoulder while commuting to work or school.

The Cyborg Torso and Cyborg Bust look similar but are different products. The Cyborg Bust is a single component designed to be swapped out with a human bust for a cybernetic augmentation aesthetic.
The Cyborg Torso on the other hand comprises many components:-
-Vinyl bust.
-Vinyl base.
-Vinyl shoulder stumps.
-A modified POM spine.
-3 Clickety Joints.

If you want your cyborg torso to be a hub, remove the bust, pass cables over the base and re-attach the bust. You can also cut away the round port on the bust with a craft knife to pass cables through if you wish.

The Clickety Joints were designed from the get-go with future proofing in mind and are used as stands for the Cyborg Torso. You can tighten the screws if you need more stability.

Hold the torso in one hand while twist-pushing the head to attach it.

If you want, you can remove the cyborg shoulder stumps and use the cyborg bust on your Smart Doll - but because the shoulder sockets are small, the human shoulders will look odd - which is not a problem if a sleeve covers them.

Reasons not to buy

-The surface of the bust and base have "cyborg gets damaged while escaping from the lab" battle scarring.

-The torso may tip backward if the option head is sporting a back-heavy wig. You can countermeasure by adjusting the stands and tilting the bust and head.

-The bust can be fiddly to re-attach as you need to wiggle and squeeze the shoulders because the flash from the stumps bump into the shoulder sockets.

-Cyborg Head Cap, table, and my MacBook Air are not included.

-You could instead buy nearly 300 packs of "Great Value White Round Top Bread Loaf, 20 oz" from Walmart.

-May cause moderate to extreme discomfort if one attempts to use the torso as a sandwich filling.

-You don’t need this product but your Smart Doll will love you for the cybernetic augmentation upgrade - up until the next cybernetic drop when your Smart Doll becomes tsundere all of a sudden.

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