Wednesday, September 21 2022

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The Cyborg Torso has spawned off into two products - "Cyborg Torso" which is a home for floating heads, and "Cyborg Bust Option Part." Today we are going to talk about the latter.

The Cyborg Bust is like other option busts - a stand-alone product used to swap out the default bust. The difference between the Cyborg Torso version is the arm sockets - the Option Bust version has larger shoulder sockets to accommodate human arms, while the Cyborg Torso version has much smaller sockets to accommodate the cyborg shoulder stumps.

The Cyborg Bust is also the only option part where its OK to go out in public without bewb coverings ;-)

The bust has ports modeled onto the surface, which you need to cut with a craft knife if you want to thread through charging cables for your Steam Deck or wot not. The photos show the port on the bust cut open and a USB-C cable threaded through. You can have your Smartie sit on your desk and charge your cell phone - they may ask for something in return for the energy though.

For those of you who are bold enough, you can paint the bust and perhaps weather the panel lines too.

Reasons not to buy

-The bottom of the bust is a little on the large side, meaning that it won't hug the human torso as much as human bewbs - there will be a gap depending on how you pose your Smart Doll.

-Some folks may feel the shoulders look odd as the shoulder sockets are not as large as the ones on the human busts.

-The back of the bust has battle damage as you can see from the photos.

-If you have a few Smart Dolls and bought only one Cyborg Bust, your girls may start to fight over who gets the cybernetic augmentation upgrade.

-If you want to cut away the flash of the ports, you will need a high level of ninja skill and a craft knife. If you can cut away the flash to make it look like a machine cut it, you and I should have a chat ;-)

-To charge your devices, you will need a cable and adapter which are not included.

I will write up a post about the Cyborg Torso, Cyberpunk Jacket and Cargo Shorts, Teikyo Glasses, new prosthetic shin, and Solar marine Badge soon ;-)

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