Thursday, September 15 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Back in July, I posted prototype photos of Pride along with her blurb which read:-

"Pride was created as a reminder that spending time changing the way we are for the sake of others only takes precious time away from what's important - the importance of living a life without the risk of a regrettable flashback when it's end game time."

Regardless of what we look like, who we like, and how we like, it's important to stay proud and stand up against the oppressing forces that want to change the way we are.

Pride has been the most challenging character to develop due to her facial condition's aesthetic. Her paint masks not only have the most openings compared to other characters, but each hole also has a crater-like shape on the inside of the mask to prevent the acne from looking like freckles. Creating the flushing with a paint mask was also challenging because masks are designed to facilitate hard and sharp edges, which we wanted to avoid.

Pride joins our lineup of permanent frontline girls and is due out later this month.

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