Tuesday, September 27 2022

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I want to empower Smart Doll creators by giving them more free resources to learn and monetize as they evolve their entrepreneurial careers.

The Smart Doll Free 3D Files (STL) section on the Smart Doll online store has been revamped to include data for products we sold - and prototypes that didn't make the cut. Data includes Large bewbs, cyberpunk-esque prototype shoes, ASL "I Love You" hand gesture, Smart Doll heads "Trident" and prototype "Distro 01" and more.

If you can sculpt decent looking nostrils on the Trident head, then perhaps we should have a chat about your availability for side work ;-)

If you are mirroring while remodeling the heads, make sure to introduce asymmetry on the final model, or you will end up with some uncanny valley. All Smart Doll heads have asymmetry introduced before the model is submitted for electroplating.

These 3D files are the same ones we use for Smart Doll and accessories - but because they were created for manufacture, you will need to learn how to modify the files for your needs - learn from the community or Google Sensei. Perhaps start learning the 3D software Blender which is free. We use Chitubox for slicing.

Data may be one of 2 sizes - "Product" enables us to see how stuff works in the real world, and "Mold" can be 3% larger for electroplating. You need your ninja sherlock to work out what is what ;-)

Remember that filament and resin have different shrinkage rates and differs from printer manufacturer too. We use Elegoo Saturn for resin and ATOM for filament. More details in the new section should be read before using the data.

Smart Doll owners are free to use and modify the 3D data for their projects at school or home - and monetize from anything they make.

Go forth and make cool stuff for your Smart Doll! Use the hashtag #smartdoll3d to share your work.

By downloading the data, you agree that we take no responsibility for any events that occurred through its use. For example, loss of life may occur if you try to make a life raft using the Large Bust data.

This free usage license is only given to Smart Doll owners.
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