Monday, September 26 2022

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Creators around the world use Smart Doll as a platform for arts and crafts, photography, videography, and more. As such, I want to give out more free resources for creators to build upon, adapt and learn.

I have revamped the Smart Doll Free Apparel Patterns section - find it in the main menu on the Smart Doll online store under Secret Stuff > Free Stuff.

These patterns are the same ones we use for the apparel we make - they are not simplified to be newbie-friendly, so you need to be familiar with reading a pattern. We do not provide any guidance - learn from the community or Google Sensei.

Smart Doll owners are free to use and modify the patterns for their projects at school or home - and monetize from anything they make.

The patterns are created to fit Smart Doll only - folks who want to create for other brands should ask that manufacturer for better fitting patterns ;-) I mention this because folks have always complained that our patterns didn't fit their non-smartie...

The PDF files must be printed at 100% scale - check your printer settings. Before using the patterns, make sure the ruler on the page is the same size as your real-world ruler.

Remember that you may need to grade (change size) the patterns depending on the fabric you use and whether you intend to wash them. Washing garments will make them shrink.

Apparel items sold as weathered will mean that the patterns already factor in shrinkage - meaning that you should wash the completed garment so that it will shrink to the intended size - but this will depend on the fabric you choose.

I recommend choosing stretchy fabrics - especially for the bottoms.

Go forth and make cool stuff for your Smart Doll! Use the hashtag #smartdollpatterns if you do ;-)

By downloading the patterns, you agree that we take no responsibility for any events that occurred through use of the data. For example, loss of life may occur if you tried to make a life jacket or parachute using the "Girls Stain Prevention Shorts."

I will be adding more patterns over time so check back periodically.
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