Friday, September 23 2022

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Originally an April Fools, the vinyl Cyborg Head Cap allows magnets to be embedded in its surface, allowing easier attachment of meow ears or other cybernetic augmentations or beast horns.

I posted the free cybernetic meow ear STL files on the Smart Doll Land twitter account - feel free to print or sell but don't eat.

There are a few gotcha's with this product, so let's dive into the reasons not to buy ;-)

-The April Fool version had an SD card slot to hide naughty jpegs. However, we had difficulty casting the vinyl with such a deep slot, so we removed it. Folks can still hide naughty jpeg SD cards inside the head instead.

-Stronger magnets of 3mm thickness are ideal, but they won't sit flush with the surface of the head cap. This should not pose a problem if the goal is to cover the head with a wig.

-Magnets of 2mm thickness will sit flush with the head cap but may not be strong enough to attach items over the wig - unless you can find really strong magnets at 2mm thick.

-Inserting magnets into the magnet sockets will require you to wiggle the magnets to stretch the vinyl. The magnets may pop out if you don't glue them in place.

-Make sure you check the magnet's polarity before setting them in the sockets, or your meow ears may hover over the wig.

-If you don't glue the magnets before attaching the cap to the head, you may end up squishing the magnets out of their sockets.

-Please be wary that magnets may interfere with medical devices such as pacemakers.

-Magnets are not included - use the search term "small round magnets" on Amazon or Daiso and look for ones that are 5mm in diameter and 2-3 mm thick.

-The head cap will not be a perfect fit as all Smart Doll heads have slightly different rim sizes.

-The plan is to eventually ship all Smart Dolls with a Hemisphere head cap - but I'm not sure when.

-As the rim of each Smart Doll head is tilted quite far back, placement of augmentations is limited to the position of the magnet sockets. If you are a 3D modeler, you can design magnet placement to be further away from the center of your augmentations.

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