Wednesday, August 10 2022

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Some folks who invested in a Smart Doll end up shocked and disappointed after learning of our business ethics - which they are reminded about each time they look at our products as they symbolize everything we do here at Smart Doll Land.

To avoid this disappointment, I would like to set expectations by sharing some concerns about our business ethics - and hopefully help avoid a regrettable purchase.
I wrote an article which is now on the Smart Doll Online store top page which covers the following topics:-

-Why our business is built around our employees and not the consumer
-Why we don't apologize for our product lineups or designs
-Why we vet all newbie orders
-Why our products are not designed with the consumer in mind
-Why we don't do pre-orders or announce release dates
-Why we give away stuff - but not to everybody
-Why we do special orders - but not for everybody
-Why we have a club for the elite and entitled

If you are considering investing in a Smart Doll, I ask that you read the article before making a decision. Its a bit long but could save you 500 USD ;-) I added some cute photos of Smart Doll between each section to keep you awake as you read. One of the photos is of Liberty pictured here.

The rest of the images in this post covers "Why we don't apologize for our product lineups or designs." You can read it during your commute or when you are having a poo.

I bet many of you look at your phone when having a poo - which is a good reason not to borrow your friend's phone because they probably don't wash it that often.

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