Tuesday, August 9 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I want to thank those who are volunteering in the "Boycott Smart Doll" effort to encourage elitist and entitled consumers to boycott Smart Doll and shop elsewhere.

No matter how hard I try to deter the entitled from buying - they keep buying Smart Doll goodies. While some businesses would be flattered, Smart Dolls ending up in the hands of the entitled is demotivating.

I am grateful to have such passionate community members volunteering their time to help in the cause of vanquishing the entitled.

I made some campaign images for those helping out - feel free to print on badges, tees, posters, billboards, itasha (cars) and aircraft - and monetize from them too. Hopefully, the funds will help keep up the motivation while volunteering.

Happy boycotting!

Oh - of course - you would be wanting the high res images for printing - they are on the top page of the Smart Doll online store and also available in the Freebie section.

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