Monday, August 29 2022

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My experiences with folks who have lost a limb have been through Smart Doll - mostly adults who have requested a specific amputee build for children.

It wasn't until recently that I conversed with organizations that raise awareness of not only amputees' needs but also the needs of folks born with congenital limb differences.

The Amputee Arm Set comes with both upper arms that have a slight asymmetrical sculpt. The arms include the shoulder plug which won't be in the same skin tone. The reason is that the arms are not designed to be positioned in a way so that the frame is showing.

To create the stump, we needed to place the vinyl funnel on the top of the shoulder, but this means that you need to twist and position the vinyl shell so that the frame is not visible while posing - or you will see the edges of where the funnel was.

I was in the middle of researching osseointegration (surgery that fuses a metal implant into the bone of the residual limb for prosthetic attachment), but the project needs more time.

If you provide care to folks with limb differences, leave a note with your order, and we will put the Amputee Arm Set in for free - mention which skin tone you need. We also provide prosthetic shins for free.

In addition, I hope to raise awareness of organizations that provide care to folks with limb differences by donating some Smart Dolls.
Send me a message from the smart doll site using your organization's email address, and we can discuss Smart Doll donations to your hospital, school, or charity.

I need to mention that depending on your region, donated Smart Dolls are subject to import taxes which we have no control over - even if we mark the item as a gift, it will be taxed. However, many regions have processes where organizations can reclaim duties paid if the goods are for charitable use - check out the import customs information issued by your country.

Smart Dolls that have been donated to organizations in the US have not been subject to import taxes.

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