Saturday, July 9 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Social media platforms (and the brands that advertise on them) influence humans to strive for a glamourous lifestyle of perfection.
However, such a lifestyle where others only value you for your appearance or material possessions will lead to a miserable flashback - also known as "the bad ending."

Are you buying something because you want it or because somebody else wants you to buy it (and review it for them)?
Are you covering up blemishes on your face because others want you to? Or because you are the last person on Earth and want to keep up appearances even though zombies care more about the taste of your brain burger?

"Beauty through imperfection" is a wabi-sabi concept that underpins the foundation of Smart Doll. As an example, Smart Doll limbs are not long by design. Wax casts of the 3D prints elongate when making molds - this was something I was unaware of back in 2012. Vinyl parts also elongate as they are pulled out hot from the mold, further increasing the Daddy Long Legs effect. Redoing the molds was not a luxury I could afford at the time.

Vinyl body parts also inherit stretch marks, dents, and birthmarks as they are pulled out from the smaller slush mold entrance.
These are not manufacturing defects but imperfections that are part and parcel of slush casting. Just think of it as clay pottery - minus that scene from Ghost.

Foundation was originally a prototype called Jazz. While she was cute and all, I felt she needed something to make her complete and more aligned with our values - she needed some imperfections - now she looks even better than before ;-)

Foundation has a congenital condition known as Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate - a condition where a baby's lip or roof of the mouth fails to form completely during pregnancy.

Foundation is a reminder of what Smart Doll is built on - a set of philosophies that encourage folks to live life on their terms, and in doing so, they can manifest beauty in their life through embracing imperfection.

I will post details about donations of Foundation to organizations that care for folks with cleft lip and palate when the product page is ready.
Foundation will be a frontline character ;-)


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