Thursday, July 7 2022

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A fusion of organic and mecha design - our new line of Bio Mecha footwear results from many moons of experimenting with 3D printing and vinyl casting production methods.

The heel socket is designed mainly for future-proofing purposes. You can pull off the plug from a Clickety-Click stand and plug it into the heel socket for slightly more balance or aesthetics.

The heel socket may be used to attach the boots to hoverboards or vehicles in the future - or you can start to make your own 3D wot not to plug in.

As part of the aesthetic, Boot Cuffs are recommended, but if you don't have any, you can make your own with torn rags or even a lace around the ankles, as you can see from some of the photos.

Conceptualized by Milpix. Made in Osaka.


-The back of the boot has a slit that has to be prised apart to insert/remove the foot - this may require some strength but is much easier to wear than our previous vinyl boot products.

-The slit at the back will not close completely - check photos to see what I mean.

-The boots don't stain as no ink is involved in their creation - if you discover a mark on the foot after wearing any of our footwear - it's probably accumulated dust which can be removed with thinner or melamine sponge.

-Clickety-click stands, boot cuffs and our roof is pictured in the photos but not included.

-The boot design is symmetrical and can be worn on either foot. However, if you remove both boots with feet attached, you won't know which foot is in which boot. Your Smart Doll will inform you by kicking you if you attach the feet to the wrong shin.

-Humans cannot wear them even though they may cost more than human footwear. However, I plan on making human versions as I would love to wear them myself ;-)

-You could instead buy several jars of "Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend 2.3 oz."

-Even if you chop up the boots and sprinkle them on some nachos, the nutritional value will be close to zero. Those nachos will then be your last meal as your Smart Doll (who was watching you chop up their new boots) proceeds to make you into nachos topping...

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