Monday, June 27 2022

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While spending time in the studio handcrafting Smart Doll takes up most of our time, taking time out to explore the outside world is just as important.
Smart Doll was designed and engineered for travel in mind - meaning that if we don't take the Smart Doll girls out occasionally, they get agitated and start to run amok in the studio.

Our field trips not only enable our team to indulge in wanderlust, but we also get to field test new prototypes to see how they perform being carried around n about in various climates.

We often travel, so not all team members are available to go due to their other commitments outside of work. But even if only a few team members can make it, we still proceed with the trip.

For cons and events outside of Japan, due to the length of time away from the studio, it's usually only Ai-chan, wifey, and myself that make the trip.

I have created a new category of field trip photo posts on the Smart Doll site called "Keep Calm & Travel with a Smart Doll" ;-)
Through the new category, I want to share Smart Doll photos and the beauty of the places we visited.

Some photos may provide ideas on how to transport your Smart Doll and how they behave when taken outdoors. Thankfully, they don't usually scream on the aircraft.
I personally only hand-carry them when boarding an aircraft. If you use a carabiner through the belt loop and a heroclip (search for them on Amazon), there is usually a place to hang them.

We are a small team, and while I understand that many are unhappy with our lack of selection and product availability, I have no plans to increase work hours or reduce travel-with-smartie time to accommodate such consumers ;-)

These photos are from our most recent trip to Okinawa, Naha - more photos from this trip and others in the new photo category.

Do you travel with your Smartie often? Where did you go last? Drop a comment if you want to share your travel-with-smartie photos.

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