Friday, June 24 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Parents have been sharing stories of how their children chose Smart Doll and why they decided to invest in one. Parents have also been sending in photos like these of budding manga artist Zoei together with Smart Doll Liberty.

With the parent's permission, I share some of the photos on my social media and the online store, and as a token of thanks, I send some goodies for their Smart Doll.

If you are a parent and would not mind me sharing photos online, reply to the support email with photos attached. I can't promise to post all of them mainly due to formatting - for example, portrait oriented photos are difficult to use in a slideshow carousel like the one on the Smart Doll top page.

While our characters with birthmarks, burn scarring, or vitiligo are not the first choice for most consumers, photos like these of Zoei and Liberty make it worthwhile to prioritize production of these Smart Dolls over the more popular ones.

This is the way.
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