Wednesday, July 13 2022

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The Interstellar Blue ore mining caverns on Gotandania are nearly depleted. However, there is word that the Shattered Moons contain shards of Meguronus that can be fusion bound into any ore type - including more Interstellar Blue.

The Senate has been investing in quantum light technology powered by Galactic Gray ores and wants to eradicate Interstellar Blue from the universe.

The Insurgents living on Gotandanias Outer Rim want to take down the Senate to ensure a steady supply of Interstellar Blue ore as it's the only source that can power their Retrodanium starships.

And so begins the Meguronus Wars. Will the Insurgents control the Meguronus and fusion bind it into more Interstellar Blue ores?

Or will the Senate control Meguronus and fusion bind it into Galactic Gray?
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