Thursday, June 2 2022

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Just like Lara Croft can't climb without her pickaxes, you can't reach your goals without perseverance. If you can reach your goals without perseverance, then maybe you need bigger goals ;-)

1. Perseverance involves the consumption of all your physical and mental mana.

2. People will hate you for your perseverance.

3. Because perseverance involves time and effort, you will find very little time for yourself.

4. As you try to persevere, there will be moments when it feels like everything and everyone who can oppose you is doing everything in their power to verge together to stop you.

Perseverance is not an easy option as it goes against our innate programming. As humans, we want to avoid pain (mentally and physically) and want to be liked by others.
It's not just people that oppose us - there are unseen forces that the universe throws at us when we attempt to go against our programming.

Many quotes go along the lines of "perseverance pays off!" and "perseverance is power!"
These quotes alone are not helpful as folks need to understand what happens when they choose not to persevere.

The brain makes up only 2% of your body mass and yet uses up 20% of your energy. Because of this, the brain needs to be as energy-efficient as possible, and it does this by forming neural pathways based on your habits of thinking, acting, and feeling. These pathways are like shortcuts that enable you to perform your habits with less energy consumption.

Remember how difficult it was learning a new skill that you can now perform as second nature? That's thanks to your newly formed neural pathways.

Perseverance is a reminder that the more we give up when opposed by something or somebody, the more we inadvertently reinforce our neural pathways to default to forfeit - this can then have tragic consequences in the decisions we make in the future.

If you have a worthy goal, there is no other option than to make perseverance second nature.

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