Monday, May 30 2022

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The weather has been lovely in Tokyo of late - reaching 29 degrees in Tokyo yesterday, and it looks like another hot day today.

But with the temperature rising, Japan is now posed with another problem - an increased risk of heatstroke due to mask-wearing.

Heatstroke (熱中症) is common in Japan during the hot seasons but could be exacerbated due to mask-wearing.

Now that the pandemic situation seems to have improved, the government has announced that folks should remove masks if they can keep their distance from others. If folks can't maintain a good distance, folks can still remove masks if there is little chit-chat. Folks are asked to keep wearing masks on public transport or in crowded places.

But even with the announcement, most folks out n about still keep their masks on, which is why there is more effort from the government in educating folks on the risk of heatstroke.

Ask you may be aware, Japan is opening up its borders to foreign travel from June 10th - but initially, this will be for folks who are willing to travel here as part of a tour package. The idea is that the tour organization will take responsibility for ensuring visitors follow the mask-wearing rules in crowded areas.

There is no quarantine for folks visiting from "blue" regions - google "japan entry quarantine list color" to see the latest updates.

These photos are taken out n about Ebara Machi where there is a lovely Turkish restaurant called DEDE.

One of these photos shows a load of water bottles on a wall - they are not a heatstroke measure for a passerby, so don't drink them! They are a thing in Japan - they are supposed to scare off cats ;-)

If you do try to drink then they may taste of cat pee.

Do you have travel plans for Japan this year?
The places I want to visit this year are Malaysia (see dad), London (see mum), America (see Eddy & Jun & have a booth at some event?)

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