Thursday, May 26 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Anomaly Zombie in Galactic Gray - I think the eye color change to gray works well, but I'm still deciding on the Random Short or Parting Long wig - which do you prefer?

The color matching for the frame and vinyl shell is complete - not a perfect match, but looks decent, I would say.
Getting a perfect match is a challenge because both POM (Polyoxymethylene) for the frame and soft vinyl for the shell both have different properties and reflect light differently - vinyl absorbs more light while POM reflects more.

Galactic Gray looks slightly blue but is still certainly gray, as you can see from the comparison photo with the Interstellar Blue.

We swapped the head cap to orange for the remaining blue smart dolls, meaning that we could increase the remaining quantity and release the final boss blue character...

Galactic Gray dolls will also come with a single color head cap (maybe orange), meaning we can make more to go around.

No plans to release Galactic Gray until blue stocks deplete. However, some gray dolls may somehow find their way into the wild earlier - zombies always find a way...

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