Friday, May 13 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

For many years we have been custom building amputee Smart Dolls for kids. But the representation up until now has not been optimal as we simply modified existing body components.

Last year we released prosthetic legs and are currently designing more prosthetics. However, not all amputees have the option to use prosthetics for a variety of reasons.

We can now finally create an amputation stump by moving the funnel (needed on all components for slush casting) to the top of the upper arm - the funnel is traditionally located on the bottom of the upper arm.

As you can see from the photos, there is no slit on the shoulders. We are also experimenting to see if we can create a mold for the current line of Smart Dolls that uses the same idea to remove the shoulder slit while maintaining articulation. Alan (3D modeling) and Ai-chan (Slush Cast development) will continue with research and development.

While we can't give away Smart Dolls to all amputees - I will give some amputee Smart Dolls to medical organizations that care for amputee kids - I will post details when the molds are ready - we still need to do some design tweaks.

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