Tuesday, May 10 2022

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A Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate are congenital conditions where a baby's lip or roof of the mouth fails to form completely during pregnancy. The condition may also cause problems with feeding, speaking, or hearing.

Some folks with the condition have corrective cleft lip/palate surgery; however, many complications can arise from the procedure.

It is said that about 1 in every 2800 babies is born with cleft lip in the United States, while that number is said to be 1 in 700 in the UK.

I know folks with kids who have cleft lip and know about the ordeals they and their children face in society. These folks already have to deal with medical issues, and they really don't need to deal with bullying or alienation - but unfortunately, most do.

This is a prototype using elements from Fortitude, but we are working on a frontline character to represent cleft lip.

Smart Doll will continue developing products that make the needs of the few known to the many - especially during an era where social media promotes glamorous lifestyles and phone apps have features that remove blemishes on your face to make you look "perfect."

If you want a perfect product, you are better off looking for other doll brands. If "beauty through imperfection" is more aligned with your values, then Smart Doll may have something for you ;-)

As with our burn scarring character Survivor, I will be donating our cleft lip character (no name yet) to organizations that care for folks with the condition - more details when the product is ready.

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