Monday, May 2 2022

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We are in the middle of a long Japanese holiday called "Golden Week" so expect shipping to take longer than usual - but goodies will still ship within the 15 days that we both agreed upon during checkout ;-)

We only have two people overseeing website development - Rob and myself. Together we do everything from frontend UX/UI design to designing the databases and backend infrastructure.

The function where you could post your photos to the Smart Doll online store had become increasingly difficult to maintain over the years, so I decided to change the way photos are posted. On each product detail page, you will see the hashtag for that product or product line - tag your photos on Instagram with those tags, and they may show up on the online store. Some folks who proactively use the tags will get goodies that I will announce in an Instagram post.

If you go to a Smart Doll product detail page, you will see the new layout of your photos. Over 80,000 photos were submitted, which are still being imported into the new layout, but will take a while before they are all in.

The job offer from Disney that I posted last month was legit - although I got the offer before I started Smart Doll - if I accepted, there would be no Smart Doll, and you would not be reading this.
I love making Smart Dolls, but web development is just as important. Smart Doll is not for everybody - we do not want to take money from folks knowing that their expectations are better set with other products.

This is why our UX is designed to surface information to set expectations and deter a purchase, followed by a wall of confirmations during checkout, giving customers a chance to rethink and back out.

Producing more than we can handle will always result in a dip in quality.
For this reason, we need to halt sales on certain products or ease back on new releases when demand surpasses our production capacity.

Expect a new onslaught of doll releases mid-May onwards, including a nocturnal flying animal...
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